Thursday, August 29, 2013

Coming Out Of Hibernation

Don't know about you all, but I've had a busy summer, mostly doing summer stuff. Somebody said it is time for Hay Days again...wait, it seems I was just there! And I will be headed out again next week for the official start of winter. Wouldn't miss it for the world!

Got one more crop of hay to bale before it snows! And I hope it comes deep 'cause the irrigation water is a bit slim around here. The mountain in the background is known as Pine Hill, great place to take my Summit X for a blast.
Besides farming and taking care of things around the place I spent some time with the family. Went to Zions with the Venturing Crew from our Boy Scout Troop. At any rate I had a great summer.
So now it is time to get back into the sledding zone and that's exactly what I intend to do.
My new Summits will be arriving next month. Tune in here to watch me convert them over to Rasmussen Style rides! Not a lot of changes necessary, Ski-Doo does a great job with their mountain program. I will be making a few tweaks here and there based on what I learned last year in an effort to make them more of a deep snow, never see any trail, boondocking through the trees like you never saw before, super back country sleds! Ski-Doo is serious about their mountain sled program and they have a keen interest in what I am doing to personalize my sleds.
Going to be a super time preparing the Ride Rasmussen Style fleet for the winter. All of my sponsors will have a part in helping me with making a better back country sled. Wasatch Recreational Products, Renton Coil Spring, Arctic FX, Starting Line Products, RSI, Boondocker, Skinzs, C3, Snowpulse, FXR.
It's going to be a great winter, I can feel it in my bones. See you all at Hay Days and stay tuned for lots of good information coming soon.
Thanks to all of my great sponsor support, Trails West, Bully Dog, EVS, Mountain Valley Machine, Visual Assault Designs


Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I have to say that the new Boondcker XM turbo rips. I have been out with Rocky for a week or so doing some final tuning on the new turbo kit for the Summit XM. This thing is awesome! I know few of you have these kits on order and are waiting for delivery. Be patient, it IS worth waiting for. We have three XM's turboed and on the snow, riding them daily. Eight pounds of boost on 91 octane with no sign of detonation, instant power with a flip of the throttle. Very manageable power, part throttle operation all day long, on and off throttle in technical riding situations. Yes, I will be keeping this one! Should be shipping very soon.

Running up to 12 pounds of boost with race fuel, but I am finding I need more weight in the clutch arms. I'll get this done right away and report back. The newly developed side exit exhaust is quiet and has a very unique tone. It sounds real grunty, but not too loud. The electronics adjust the boost according to elevation therefore no need to be constantly adjusting clutch weights because of power differences at varying elevations. Very manageable power, easy to ride in technical situations, nice package.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Rasmussen Signature Series Seats

My WRP manufactured Rasmussen Signature series seats are on the shelf and available to anyone who rides Doo, Cat or Polaris. The Ski-Doo version is 4 pounds, 2 full pounds lighter than the factory version, but most importantly is 3+ inches lower than the original. This allows me to transfer more easily from side to side giving me more control of my sled at all times. At the end of the day I am not totally spent, the lowered seat design conserves much energy because getting from one side of the sled to the other is much easier.
This is obviously going against the trend of the manufacturers to build higher and higher seats demanded by consumers. Why do sledders ask for higher seats? It is my opinion that true back country riders do not ask for this and as I am able to visit with groups across the snow belt who ride off trail I have been able to confirm this. Mostly a misconception, but one that is easily overcome. Now don't get me wrong, if you are 6'6" and don't have any problem swinging your leg over that high seat then you will be OK with the OEM version. Or if you are the guy who bought his mountain sled to trail ride with and never stand up during a ride then YOU are the guy they built the seat for in the first place.

Ski-Doo XM version shown. Pro RMK and ProClimb seats are similar in appearance and dimension. Please contact Wasatch Recreational Products directly to order.


Monday, September 24, 2012


I have partnered with a number of different companies who will be providing Rasmussen Signature Series products. This all started last year while I was determined to make some improvements to the Arctic Cat ProClimb sleds that I was using at the time.
In an effort to turn the ProClimb into a Rasmussen approved back country sled I, with the help of various suppliers, developed some awesome products to improve and enhance the ability of these sleds to attack the terrain easily and increase the fun factor.
While I would like to introduce these products individually, I would like to summarize some of the details that I've arrived at thus far. Also there is a bit of information from older blog posts that will be worthy of review.
Looking forward I will be focusing on products being developed for the Ski-Doo Summit that i will be riding and working with this season. My intention is to identify an area of interest that I feel can be improved or enhanced for a better riding experience. Some items such as the seat are very much proven and will not differ to much in design or function from another brand of sled. Other items however will demand some creativity, thought and a considerable amount of development. I will try to write about each item in great detail from inception to completion, many things will probably take the better part of the season to refine and may not be available until next year. Other items will come together quite quickly. Where some other ideas and concepts will be thrown out because they fail to prove worthy of being labeled "Rasmussen Approved".
For today I will revisit the components offered by Mountain Valley Machine for the Arctic Cat ProClimb. The steering arm extender designed to increase the ski swing by 18 degrees allows a rider to easily hold the sled on edge while traversing a hill side maneuver. More details found here:
The second component, suspension rear arm relocation bracket allows the skid to be moved back 20mm improving the track attack angle, this helps the sled to plane out or prevent trenching. The sled climbs out of the snow sooner, increasing speed and sending the rider further up the hill. Secondly, by re drilling and moving the front arm mount back the same 20mm it allows room for the Boondocker tunnel dump exhaust. This is a whole other subject that I will address at a later time. Check out the pictures.

This picture shows the original hole 20mm in front of the current mounting location, the Boondocker exhaust outlet cuts into the original hole. Also shown is the Black Diamond Xtreme Chaincase cover which provides additional room for the exhaust.

Friday, September 14, 2012


"One reason people resist change is that they focus on what they have to give up, rather than what they stand to gain." This is a quote I  picked up the other day, probably from a client and good friend, Dale Lovett on his famous Face Book page. Change drives evolution, evolution creates opportunities for better product and better experiences.

How does this relate to me and my career in the snowmobile industry? I can answer that by saying that I am motivated to provide to my clients, to own and to ride nothing but the very best snowmobile I can create. My personal sleds as well as the sleds in my fleet are all improved to a degree that enhances there ability to make it fun and easy to attack the terrain in the back country that only a few riders can actually experience. I can demand out of a sled what i think a mountain back country sled should be because I want my clients to have the best possible experience they can have.

 I partnered with BRP because they are an aggressive company willing to allow evolution through change. They have a vision to create a mountain back country sled that meets the demands of my program. It is important to me that my clients have a great experience while attending my clinics, this requires a sled that is easy to ride. The 2013 Ski-Doo Summit XM is a great example of of BRP's desire to build a product that sledders appreciate, a product that we all can get on no matter what skill level we are at and have fun, because it is easy to ride. BRP made a statement with the release of this sled saying, we know what a mountain rider wants in a sled, we will deliver that sled! I am ecstatic to be involved with this kind of attitude, this is passion, and passion drives individuals and companies to excel in accomplishing their vision.

In the end, it is fun that I am delivering to my clients. The great outdoors is a wonderful place to experience during the frozen winter time. The best part of all is that there is no dust, nor are there any bugs to deter the fun, only endless mounds of Rocky Mountain powder, unrestricted. I'll be on my new Summit XM ripping up the snow!

Friday, August 31, 2012


Hay Days is coming right up. The first big show of the season. They say that everybody who is anybody attends this show. I'm not missing it, how about you? I can be found in the BRP tent showing off my new Summit XM complete with a Boondocker turbo package. I absolutely can't wait to get this sled in the snow. I'll be at the FXR tent right after the free style show at 10AM and 3AM, stop by for a signed poster. And the Boondocker/SCHOOLED tent is going to be rocking with sledders too, I'll be stopping by there to talk sled with all the cool sledders from out west.
Next stop will be at Driven Powersports in Casper, WY for an open house appearance on Sep 27th. The Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Expo in Denver, CO on Oct 12 & 13. I'll be at the WSSA show in Puyallup, WA conducting a  seminar, don't miss this. And my trailer will be parked in the swap area with tons of Arctic Cat stuff, first come first serve. Rexburg Motorsports Rexburg, ID is having me back to their popular snowmobile expo on Oct 25th. Then it's on to SLC and the Intermountain Snowmobile Show on the 26th and 27th. Nov 2 - 3 brings the ISSA convention to Boise, ID. Nov 10th will be the Winter Knights snow show in Spokane, WA and finally the Idaho snow show in Boise on the 16th & 17th of Nov.
I'll be conducting seminars at most of these shows, signing posters and talking about my new Summit XM. Be sure to look me up at one of these events.



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thank You Arctic Cat

I have had a long run with Arctic Cat and the people that work at building and developing a fine product there. It has certainly been a rewarding experience having been a dealer for 25 years, representing Arctic Cat with their Snowmobile, ATV and even watercraft products. I enjoyed a great racing career with Team Arctic mostly racing in the RMSHA circuit during the 90's and early 00's. I served as the western race coordinator to provide tech support for the Team Arctic racers in '01 through '03. Also, I had a great relationship with the engineering department with development and testing of many good mountain sleds. This is something I take a lot of pride in doing and doing well. I have a passion for back country and off trail snowmobile riding and I have always been one who wants the very best in a mountain sled. I have gone to great lengths to give my sled a slight edge over the next guy's. I came to be good friends with many long standing employees there, I have also seen many good people come and leave the company over the years. This is just part of the life of any corporate environment. Arctic Cat will do just fine without me, they are a strong company and will go on to release many good products. They are a legend in this industry, releasing many technological firsts and will continue to do so. Arctic Cat, it has been an honor to be part of the team, to work by you and with you. Thank you for a great career.