Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Black Mountain Ride 2k

It's good that Tony brought a paper towel to wipe the smile off my face. You Cat fans who are ready for an upgrade can rest assured that this will qualify for your next ride. I spent all day and about 48 miles in deep heavy,power robbing snow. Ran out of gas twice and nevr got more than ten miles from the truck. I stayed in the trees all day long hill climbs, descents, side hills, down hill u turns. and i must have been pinned nonstop. The Pro climb 800 is easy to transition to, after you find gthe balance point, the rest falls into place. The 800 cc powerplant is the same old dependable package that Cat has has used since '10. I think the torque link between the engine and the jackshaft is what makes the engine so rippy, now the track will spin imedaitly instead of the engine rocking back.
Going to get some video done tomorrow. Maybe get some pictures and video posted when i get better internet service. Got to go now. Check back for report tomorrow.


  1. That sounds awsome. Some video of a pro rider on these new machines will put some people over the top. There are a lot of people not sure of the new chassis but if they see it perform, I am sure they will buy. You probably don't like the 1100 turbo as much but some video of that one would be great too. Thanks for your posts and have a good ride.

  2. Brett,

    I know you are a Cat guy, but can you comment at all on how the new M800 compares to the Polaris PRO? Right now looking at the two the Cat should have about 10 more horsepower while the PRO should be around 20 lbs lighter.

    Does the new Cat get up on top the snow as well as the PRO does?



  3. Riding withCris Burandt tomorrow. Stay tuned.

  4. Cant wait to hear this. The ultimate comparison by the 2 guys I most want to hear it from. The new front suspension geometry all the way up to the handlebars on the new cat looks considerably better than the best of anything aftermarket so far. It has to work incredibly well stock, with more potential aftermarket shock upgrades than ever before for personal preference. If this thing gets on top and stays there as well as our pro rides masterfully do, it will really be something once you drop a few pounds with it. My questions. It looks like it will roll up easier than anything so far like you say. It looks like you will be able to make the suspsension more progressive than ever before. Can you also fall downhill over the top of one side a little easier if you lose your balance. It does look though like you will be able to keep your balance and maintain control better than anything else out there so far. The pro ride is already a giant leap forward in that respect. Thanks for the blog Bret. Sorry we tried to book too late and missed out. We will get the group booked early for next year.
    Daniel Boondocker