Saturday, March 26, 2011

North Murphy

So we had another 18" of snow on top of what we already had. How can we be getting all this snow so late in the year? It's so awesome to have this kind of snow to test the 2012 sleds in.The Arctic Cat mountain sleds have never been known as having extremely plush suspesion. Things have obviously changed with this sled. Thanks to the suspension team at Arctic with asistance from Todd Tupper, this sled rocks in the  bumps. The trail into North Murphy is about 8 miles of  rough  moguls. First section is wide groomed  chop about 8 - 10 inches. The M 800 will eat these up comfortabley at 90 MPH plus. Got to say I was pleasantly surprised. The next section is a narrow groomed trail with 18 inch chop. This ca be negotiated at 40 MPH with out any feed back from the handlebars nor any kick or bottom out from the skid. next we experienced a single wide ugroomed section with 2 1/2 foot bumps. This was much slower and I could bottom out when pushing to hard. However, much better than anything I have ever ridden from the factory.The one issue was cornering at speed in any one of these situations, the sled tends to roll. Not to much of a problem to deal with, after all it's not designed to be a trail sled.
Comparing to Chris Burandts' new Polaris RMK Pro, I saw no difference in performance in a powder hill climb. It was who ever got the best line.


  1. interesting, were you both on stock machines? or as stock as they can be?

    curious why they would have sent you a 1100t with non vert. steering...

    The real thing most of us want is how close the handling of the M1100T is (with vert. steering) to the current generation of M8's....

  2. The real question is, how does it handle in the tight trees, off camber hills, downhill/uphill transitions, getting up on the snow etc?