Sunday, April 3, 2011

1100t compared to the M1000

I don't think that it would be a fair comparison, the 1100t against the M1000. A 4 stroke turbo against a naturally aspirated 2 stroke. OK, I'll compare them anyway. The M1000 in the old chassis was by many deemed heavy, to heavy.  That's why the M8 continued to take sales away from the M1000, the 8 was considerable lighter and almost as much power, so the 8 had a better power to weight ratio. In the new comparison the 1100t even has a better power to weight ratio than the old comparison. The 2 stroke engine is allot rippier, but runs out of power. The 4 stroke has much more power when it starts to come up on boost and accelerates all the way up the hill, but I find i am waiting for it at low speeds. I have learned to work the throttle in such a way that i can keep the boost up at low speeds and then it is quicker to accelerate.  The 1100t is a power house in the deep snow and if you can keep the momentum up there will be no stopping it.  Many Nytro and Apex owners will find this package very attractive as it is much lighter and being turbocharged will deliver much more power.  The M1000 simply will not perform against the horse power of the 1100t.  I expect that we will see a number of after market suppliers getting creative with light weight components for this sled allowing an even stronger power to weight ratio. The Proclimb 1100t is balanced very well with a much better centralized mass than the competition.  If you preferr the steering can be converted to a vertical post. And it is easy to add horse power dependably.


  1. thats good to know, I have a 2008 m1000, and I just snowchecked the 1100t limited. I love the sound of a turbo, just not the build up, its good that is possible to manipulate the throttle to keep the boost. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for keeping us spring ordered guys informed.

  3. hey looking to upgrade my m8 . how does the 1100t handle? can u tell of the extra weight ? looki ng to snow check a 800 but like the looks of the 1100t but does it hillside like the m 2 stroke