Friday, April 8, 2011

Air intake

I am on a plane to Svalbard, Norway and thought I would report some more of my ride evaluation thoughts.

The air intake on the Proclimb is very effective in deep powder snow.  I certainly had occasion to test this as for two weeks I floundered around in over the hood snow.  My conclusion is that by pulling air from the higher portion of the cowling is as good as it gets. The original design pulled air from the console in front of the handle bars in such a manner that air fed downward through a finely messed screen.  This allowed snow to sit on the screen and restrict the air flow.  The final design uses this besides adding intake screening underneath the plenum, this improvement allows the snow to fall away and air flow is no longer restricted.  This design allows as well for the operator to easily brush the snow off the top screen as he is riding.

                As for the exhaust outlet I was impressed with very little restriction from snow blockage.  When in the deep snow I expected some blocking of the exhaust outlet, but encountered zero.  This is the situation that would create a problem because when I need to count on the sled to preform enough to get me out of trouble before getting stuck, I need to trust that the sled will perform.  It has a bottom outlet as opposed to the front outlet found on the M series which worked very well.  I found in heavy, almost slushy conditions with enough snow to sink to the side panel, I could create a condition where the sled would hesitate or lose power when side hilling on the right.  I encountered this only on one day and it did not cause me any stucks.


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  2. Thanks for the info. Have you done any more riding on the turbo? Can you get some video on the 1100 turbo as well?

  3. hello looking at upgrading a 08 m8 snowpro. this 4 stroke looks fun. does it handle at all or is it a beast to put around?thanks