Friday, April 1, 2011

It's hard to think about summer activities when I have all this snow.

I stopped by the consumer show in Boise, ID last night and talked sled talk with 100's of people. Had a great time and answered a lot of questions. Everyone was interested in the new Proclimb chassis, the 800 two stroke as well as the 1100 turbo.  Based on the comments i think we'll be seeing alot of 1100t's on the snow next year. So...the most often asked questions. 1. How does it compare to the 2011 M8? 2. How does the 1100t compare to the M1000? 3. How much power is the 1100t capable of? 4. Can i get the 1100t a verticle steering post? 5. Do the tall spindles hinder the deep snow performance? 6. An problems with capping the exhaust off? 7. How about the air intake, how well does it work? 8. Why did Chris Burandt switch to Polaris? 9. Why did Arctic Cat loose the Diamond drive? 10. Has anyone turboed the 800 yet?  I will answer these questions and more during the next few days. Check back tomorrow.

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