Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chain Case Cover

As I look at the sled I am looking at every part that could possibly save a few ounces. Starting with the chain case cover/oil tank, it looks large and bulky. In Arctic Cats defense they have used a real high tech material in magnesium which makes it very light. My problem is that I don't need a 4 quart oil reservoir for 2 cycle oil. Knowing that this is the same tank used on the four stroke version as a storage reservoir for the crankcase oil, due to their dry sump crankcase system, I believe that I can reduce the volume by 2 quarts or at least a quart and a half. I typical day ride never takes more than two quarts of oil. Just need to make sure that it is topped off each and every time I ride. Each quart of oil weighs 1.75#.

This piece is tucked in between the resonator and the foot stirrup and takes up all of the space.

This view shows the tank with plastic and resonator removed.

This shows the chain case cover that I received from Black Diamond Xtreme for my project. This is a billet aluminum piece weighing 1.7# compared to the 4.7# of the magnesium cover and tank. As you can see it will include the mounting area for the speedometer pick up unit. My molded plastic oil tank will be mounted high on the cover...hmm better get a hold of Seth at Trail Tanks for this project. Also you will notice there will adequate room for my tunnel exit exhaust.

4.7# for the oem cover/tank and 1.7# for the billet aluminum. The production piece will also be magnesium and should bring the final weight closer to 1#.

Each piece is weighed at 2.5# for the tank and 2.2# for the cover.

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  1. Nice, if u can save weight on something, so why not ?

    / jonte sweden