Friday, October 14, 2011

Seat Height

So I know that my short seat design is not for everyone, I'm talking about the Ryan Harris types here! For the average back country, off trail rider, he is going to need to get across the seat in a hurry and without waisting a lot of energy. It seems that the industry trend in mountain sleds is to build taller and taller seats, it's almost to the point that I don't even have to sit, the seat is that tall. I am 5' 9", not the tallest guy in the world i admit, but also not the shortest either. For trail riding the taller seats are fine. For off trail I really don't need a seat but it does come in handy for lunch time. As I said earlier i need the seat out of my way enough that i don't trip up on it while crossing over and if i have done about three in a row of the patented Burandt hop overs I am not going to get another one pulled off if I have to jump that seat hurdle again. It's to much work. 2011 Boss designed seat measures 16.5" from the running board to the top of the seat at a point 19" behind the steering post.

This Rasmussen/Boss seat is 3" lower than the stock Arctic Cat seat.

This shows the oem seat. It can be argued that the rider can swing his leg around the back of the seat.  Most of the time it doesn't work.

The 2012 ProClimb seat shown here is another inch taller than the 2011 M series seat. highest yet at 20.5".  It weighs in at 9.6#.  My 2011 Boss seat comes in at 4.5#.

So the challenge here is ti get the seat height down and keep the fuel tank!  Previous models didn't have the tank running full length under the seat. My goal is to create a seat that will be as low as my 2011 Boss seat and not feel like i am sitting on a 2 x 4.  The nice thing is that it surely will be light, cause there won't be much to it. I'm going to get Jim Atherly on the phone right away, there is no time to waist. I am thinking 2#! Can it be done?

Complete with stomp grip and a nifty fold out storage compartment this Rasmussen/Boss creation weighs a total of 4.5#, I can get over the top repeatedly and it is still comfortable to sit on.

Shown with the storage compartment stowed.

This seat is available and I am currently taking orders.


  1. Bret, only 5'9"? I thought you were over 6feet the way you ride ;) The seat should be a winner this season.


  2. How much fuel does the proclimb hold? Looks to be quite a bit!

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  4. looking forward to seeing the seat you come up with. I totally agree on the disadvantage of the taller seat. Going around the seat is more effort than going over and the taller seat takes more effort than just designing a lower seat in the first place.