Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Steering Post

The industry trend is to endorse the ape hanger style handle bars. What is this all about, I'm not on a chopper. I simply want a functional, ergonomically correct snow vehicle that allows me to ride back country w/o fighting against the grain. It should be a wonderful experience carving through the tress and over the modulating terrain all while totally in control of the sled. The bar height on the ProClimb with the vertical steering post is a full 2" too high for my preference. In Arctic Cat's defence the RMK Pro from Polaris has the same problem. Even Chris Burandt modifies his sleds by lowering the bars. This sounds somewhat odd, but if you want to be a better rider you must ride with bars at the correct height. Standing with your feet rear of the stirrups with slightly bent knees your elbows should be straight while holding the handlebar grips.

This shows the vertical post in it's lower position.

This is a front view showing the linkage between the vertical post and the horizontal post. Not really horizontal, but for purpose of discussion I'll refer to it this way. The standard model ProClimb uses only the horizontal portion with the handle bar mounted directly at the end of the extended shaft, similar to the Ski Doo design.

This image shows both the horizontal and vertical shafts removed. The adjustable vertical shaft is substantial in weight. I'm thinking that I might pay a visit to Zbros and discuss the possibility of building a shorter non adjustable shaft in the interest of weight reduction. This will better conform to the discipline of back country mountain riding, Rasmussen Style!

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  1. It all depends on the height of the rider. I am 6'2" and the new steering post is a about right for my liking. With your suggestion of bent knees and straight elbows I will need a 1 to 2 more inches. Love your blog, wish you would post more on riding tips.