Saturday, October 29, 2011

Steering/Ski Swing

Due to excessive steering effort on the M series Arctic Cat slowed down the ski swing on the ProClimb by putting more leverage advantage into the steering linkage geometry. The steering effort is very low and easy on my arms, problem is that when I need counter steer advantage while in steep terrain to maintain balance during a side hill maneuver, it's not there. The skis simply do not swing far enough. The M series skis turn a full 25 degrees from lock to lock as the image below indcates, the angle iron is parallel with and along side the track.

The next image shows the ProClimb skis at full lock, this represents 16 degrees stop to stop.

As you can easily see the difference of 9 degrees, this is a big sacrifice to me for less steering effort. For the extreme terrain that i have to maneuver in I must be able to swing the skis further than the 16 degrees offered by the ProClimb. The fix is easy really, I've just got to figure out how far to move the hole in the arm on the steering post. Wish I would have paid more attention in geometry and trigonometry!

The image above shows the lower steering post with the hole for the ball joint. This hole will need to be moved outward to speed the ski swing up and increase the stop to stop radius. It's the distance that I need to move the hole that I haven't figured out yet. I am going to start with a full hole and see where that gets me. Hope to have this done in the next day or two.

Having the skis swing further faster will allow me to control the sled in steep terrain by keeping it balanced and on edge. While the sled is on edge I have control of direction and speed and ultimately allowing me to complete a line without disaster.

Just to be clear, most riders, probably 95% won't know the difference. I'm just saying that i will need the skis to swing further for my taste. Remember why Cat did it, to reduce steering effort. That is what most riders are interested in. The ProClimb steers 8 degrees each way as near as i could measure. Point is I am missing 9 degrees from my prior sled.


  1. i see a custom post and bottom piece.shorter post and better steering geometry??

  2. Are you going to run the narrow 38/39 inch front end or the stock 40/41?