Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three Priorities

So...I have identified three priorities that I think I will need to address with my ProClimb's before it snows. First is the steering post height, to suit my ride style and compliment performance in the really technical riding I need to loose 2" of handlebar height. Granted if I am tooling around in moderate terrain with both skis down on the snow I will be more comfortable with a taller steering post, but where is the challenge in that? Second is seat height. This a no brainer, if I am walking back and forth over my high rise seat I'll be worn out by lunch time. I'll go without the seat before I let this happen! Third, Ski swing. Let me say that in this blog I am critiquing each component of the sled in such a way that it will allow me even the slightest edge. I make my living on this sled and I like anyone else would like to make each day at work as easy as possible. Thus subtle changes to my sled make a big difference in day to day life for me. For the average rider it will be less noticeable. I need the skis to swing further even at the expense of increased steering effort.

In addition to these changes I'll be reducing weight as much as I can. This is no different than I have been doing on all of my sleds for the last 30 or so years. It's what I do and as readers I hope you will find it interesting at least and entertaining at most. I don't intend nor expect for everybody to do everything just the way I do, but when you run into a situation with your new ProClimb that you are uncomfortable with, maybe this blog will shed a little light and give you an understanding of what you are experiencing. Additionally as I get  time on the snow to develop ProClimb products that suit my ride style, I will share this information.

Actually the wrap is the highest priority!!

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  1. That's awesome! What did you come up with for an oil res?