Saturday, November 26, 2011

Intake Air Ducting

The air intake on the ProClimb does an exceptionally good job. It is located in the most logical place to prevent blocking with snow. It even pulls air from underneath so that snow can't pile up and block it that way. Unfortunately, the engine is a reverse flow design and the throttle bodies are on the front of the engine so the ducting has to run from behind the windshield all the way over the engine and down to feed the throttle bodies. The ducting is an integral part of the hood design, so it makes modifying somewhat complicated. I disassembled the hood to find out what was going on in there to create so much weight. Including the windshield, windshield bag, speedometer, headlights, wiring harness and miscellaneous other plastic parts the assembly weighs in at 21.3 pounds.

This is the baffling inside the air box used to restrict noise coming back to the operator. Not really a good way that i know of to remove the baffles.

This is what it looks like after my handy work. I left a few of the baffles in place to allow reassembly using the strategically places screw stand outs. Once I had it completely assembled I found that I was only able to reduce the weight by 1.3 pounds. The assembly now weighs 20.6 pounds. There certainly is and probably are some after market companies that are going to offer some kind of light weight filter kit to replace all of this. The problem is that if the intake air is pulled from in front of the sled it will have a very inconsistent air supply due to submarining in the snow. Outside of a turbocharger kit I am not willing to accept an intake system that doesn't pull air from the right place, behind the windshield. I'll be riding this week so I can report if there is any undesirable noise associated with this modification.


  1. I wonder if replacing sections of the assembly, drilling holes and fitting pre filter material would work/bring weight down? How thick is the plastic? could chop out sections and replace with carbon fiber.

  2. im thinking a carbon fiber alternative will be available from one of the aftermarkets in the near future.