Thursday, November 10, 2011

Running Boards

I received some running board inserts from Eric at Fast Lane the other day. These are of a composite design and are extremely easy to clean. Snow and ice simply will not stick to this product. If snow piles up on the boards it is just a matter of stepping down and the snow is gone.

Because of the thickness of this product it takes away the feel of the running board edge and because the edge is still metallic it will tend to ice up. For the 2009 to 2011 M series I developed and designed a product that would enhance Fast Lane's foot bed insert. By adding a composite piece to the edge it raises the edge and gives me back the feel I lost from the thickness of the foot bed.

These pieces work very well together and are available on my store at The problem I am faced with on the ProClimb, because I am cautiously trying to enhance and improve the sled for my style of back country riding, I believe the running board width is to much. In measuring out the dimensions I find by measuring from the outside to the outside of each running board I am almost 3 inches wider than the M series. Because of the double thickness design of the tunnel sides and the extra width of the running boards themselves the overall width is excessive. What this creates is a problem when traversing an extreme side hill by pulling the track out of the snow when the running board edge contacts the snow. Of course a narrower design won't contact the snow as early therefor allowing a steeper slope to be traversed.

I will be working to develop a product that will replace the entire board with a narrower and composite design. I expect the narrower board to pull the side plastic in and make the front of the sled narrower as well.

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