Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have been frantically working with vendors to develop components to enhance the sled and its handling characteristics in the back country. First, Boss has nearly completed the seat project and you can expect to see pictures very soon. Yes Boss is currently taking orders and should be able to ship product by mid December. This will be a unique product in function and comfort, even has storage!
Zbros are working on the new steering post and I expect this by the 1st of Dec. It will have a "T" top design and I am working with RSI to provide bars and bar risers. This will allow a lot of adjust ability as in fore and aft positioning and using different risers will allow higher and lower bar height adjustment. The post is designed to use a 5" riser to maintain stock bar height at the lowest setting. I will be using a 3" riser resulting in a two inch lower bar height.
With the ski swing issue Zbros are also working on this project. I have tested the prototype pieces and waiting for the production stuff. The skis now turn a full 74 degrees just like the M series chassis does. This WILL make a huge difference in the back country ability of the sled.
I will be posting pictures as soon as i have product, stay tuned!


  1. Good to see things are coming along. Are you going to be doing anything with the front bumper?

  2. For now I am waiting for the sport bumper from Arctic Cat. Might do something later on.

  3. how does the steering post look when fixed? i would like to see how they solved the problem:)