Saturday, December 3, 2011

Redneck Handlebar Lowering System

I know, I know, everyone wants high rise bar risers. Well for those of you who are vertically challenged such as me (I am 5' 9"). I devised a clever way to lower the bar height and keep the adjustable steering post. Using parts that I acquired from RSI, I ended up with my bars 1.5" lower and about 1.25" rearward. It will be interesting to see how this works, I feel like I am a little to far forward and this just might make the difference I am looking for. Another benefit might be that when counter steering the bars will allow the rider to be positioned farther away from the center line of the sled giving him more leverage.

I used the 2" pivot risers on a pivot tube that is mounted in the stock handlebar location. Then I pivoted the risers back and down and slid the tapered RSI bars through. Doesn't look so bad either. I can tell you that it even feels much better in the shop compared to the OEM version.

Replaced the throttle block with the RSI version as well. Looks much cleaner, notice the reverse and shut off switches next to the throttle block. Now I need to ditch the switch block on the left side and install some dash mounted heater switches. The smaller diameter grips feel great.


  1. Nice job Bret!! Will be interesting to see how it preforms out back.

  2. looks good! see you this weekend in Valemount!

  3. How has this been working for you Bret? I just picked up a new lowering block from RK Tek today that moves the bars into about this same position. Garage riding it feels better, but haven't got it on the snow yet...