Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hi folks, got some super exciting news to share with you all! Yep, be sporting a fleet of Summit XM's this season. That's right, your eyes are not deceiving you, you are reading this right. I've attracted a new sponsor in BRP and I will be riding a tricked out Summit XM this season.

 I have met with the marketing staff at BRP, they are a great team and are dedicated to providing a great product in Ski-Doo. They are passionate about the sport and have the best interests of snowmobilers in mind. In my case they have a desire to be focused on the mountain segment and provide a better experience to the consumer through rider training. I will be conducting seminars and clinics in support of this, I expect to help riders of all brands to have a better experience in the back country by improving their skills and helping them to be more aware of their surroundings.

Off trail technical riding which I promote is a great challenge, I find that when riders are challenged they have a greater desire to get into the back country and play hard. The Summit XM will enhance their abilities to traverse the steep technical country that draws them in. The technology that BRP has developed for the mountain sled makes the sled more responsive with less rider input. Their product is mountain specific and caters to the needs of the off trail rider. The summit works fine on the trail, it excels off the trail.  As a back country rider I typically ride far enough on the trail to access some cool terrain, then it's see you later and if I encounter a trail later in the day I simply cross it and keep going.

Hoping to ride with a ton of new people this year, going to be a ton of fun to show off the new Summit XM package to all of you sledders out there. As usual I will be conducting clinics all over the Rocky Mountains and beyond. Tony Jenkins (Sanchez)will be assist me with his skills as well, he has a reputation of breaking stuff, we will see how the Ski-Doo sleds stack up against my man Sanchez. Sometimes I just shake my head in wonder at some of the crazy things he tries to pull off. And often he makes it work, problem is the sled never survives! So this will be a test!

Spent a substantial amount of time on the Doo's last spring. The sleds rip. Drivability and throttle transition is super good, the calibration team have done a remarkable job with this. The sled is very rippy with never any hesitation. I was also impressed with ease of transitioning to its edge, and it has a wide balance point while on edge. Predictability is good, sled allows for quick reaction without excessive rider input, its agility is superb.

It's the little things that make the difference when riding nearly every day during the winter. Things like the square console that keeps my knees in place while descending a slope instead of allowing my legs to spread apart. The upward facing instrument cluster makes for easy to monitor during stand up riding and how about the grip heater switches mounted to the console. It is great to have the as many of the controls off the bars as possible. This prevents breakage and unplanned switching. The side cut outs in the foot stirrups are a much awaited improvement, I have never been able to align myself with the steering post when wrong foot forward. Just couldn't get far enough forward until riding the new XM, this a great improvement. These are just a few of the subtleties that make this an awesome sled. I cannot wait to get back on the snow to become more acquainted with this super sled.

I'll be attending the Hay Days show and am looking forward to hanging out with the crew at BRP. I'll be signing posters and visiting with all the show goers, please stop by and talk sled with me. I can show you my new ride and point out the cool features it has, while you get a picture with me. I hear everybody who is anybody will be there!

If you can't make it to Hay Days, look me up at any of the other western shows. Probably be offering some seminars and just talking sled to all you sledheads out there. I expect to be attending a few select Ski-Doo open houses at your local dealer. I'll try to post up a schedule when I get a better feel for how my fall season will come together.

Many of my sponsors will remain the same, they are supporting me with this change. Boondocker will be focussed on delivering a turbo package that excels in technical riding and together we will have a very superior product. FXR has stepped it up again with even a more broad line of mountain gear including helmets and boots. I'll be talking more about this later.
It's going to be an awesome winter. I hope the snows come early and deep cause this sled wants to ride Rasmussen style.


  1. Great news Bret!! wish you the best on the new doo!!


  2. ''Chris Burandt have custom horn that goes $$chaching$$. Everytime he gets stuck, he can press it and remember why he signed with Polaris instead of Arctic Cat.''

    I guess now it can also apply to you ;)

    Good for you tho! Too bad BRP is not reliable!!

  3. Congrates Brett ... see ya on the mountain!

  4. Nice work, looking forward to riding with you this year.

  5. Moe Money, Moe Money, Moe Money!! Go where the Money Goes Brett!! :)

  6. Doos are the only way to go...happy to have you in the club

  7. Might want to change your background :D .... Cat's sure doing a good job at not feeding some of their best spokesmen in Rasmussen and Burandt.

  8. Money buys loyalty....proves everyone is fueled by greed.

  9. Money buys loyalty huh? That shows your ignorance about Bret, and his passion for snowmobiling, and his desire to improve mountain sleds. It also shows how little you understand the industry. Polaris, and Ski-doo are determined to build the best mountain sled. While Cat is busy NOT listening to the very people who made them what they are. How about this... Cat left their roots behind, and not sticking to what made them successful. They pioneered the first mountain specific chassis back in '05, and ruled the mountains from '05 to 2010. In 2010 the M8 was the best selling sled of all brands and all segments. But now Cat has decided to leave behind the mountain specific chassis in favor of "commonality of parts." So basically, if you want a Cat mountain sled you get a long tracked F8. Cat quit listening to the people that really know how sleds should work, in favor of listening to bean counters who tell them how to save a few pennies on a part. It does not take a genius to see how far behind Cat is compared to Ski-doo and Polaris. It is about business, and how Bret can offer the best product to his clients, he cannot do that with Cat’s current line of pathetic mountain sleds. It is intelligence not greed. Don’t be blinded by brand loyalty, and blame the user for the short comings of the manufacturer.

  10. Congrats Bret. I will be sticking with my 2010 M8 another year. No turbo this year either. $$ went to the dog and the kid's college; both worthy causes, but I still want the turbo.

    Good luck and I hope to ride with you and Tony again sometime this year. Revy?