Monday, September 24, 2012


I have partnered with a number of different companies who will be providing Rasmussen Signature Series products. This all started last year while I was determined to make some improvements to the Arctic Cat ProClimb sleds that I was using at the time.
In an effort to turn the ProClimb into a Rasmussen approved back country sled I, with the help of various suppliers, developed some awesome products to improve and enhance the ability of these sleds to attack the terrain easily and increase the fun factor.
While I would like to introduce these products individually, I would like to summarize some of the details that I've arrived at thus far. Also there is a bit of information from older blog posts that will be worthy of review.
Looking forward I will be focusing on products being developed for the Ski-Doo Summit that i will be riding and working with this season. My intention is to identify an area of interest that I feel can be improved or enhanced for a better riding experience. Some items such as the seat are very much proven and will not differ to much in design or function from another brand of sled. Other items however will demand some creativity, thought and a considerable amount of development. I will try to write about each item in great detail from inception to completion, many things will probably take the better part of the season to refine and may not be available until next year. Other items will come together quite quickly. Where some other ideas and concepts will be thrown out because they fail to prove worthy of being labeled "Rasmussen Approved".
For today I will revisit the components offered by Mountain Valley Machine for the Arctic Cat ProClimb. The steering arm extender designed to increase the ski swing by 18 degrees allows a rider to easily hold the sled on edge while traversing a hill side maneuver. More details found here:
The second component, suspension rear arm relocation bracket allows the skid to be moved back 20mm improving the track attack angle, this helps the sled to plane out or prevent trenching. The sled climbs out of the snow sooner, increasing speed and sending the rider further up the hill. Secondly, by re drilling and moving the front arm mount back the same 20mm it allows room for the Boondocker tunnel dump exhaust. This is a whole other subject that I will address at a later time. Check out the pictures.

This picture shows the original hole 20mm in front of the current mounting location, the Boondocker exhaust outlet cuts into the original hole. Also shown is the Black Diamond Xtreme Chaincase cover which provides additional room for the exhaust.


  1. I Ordered the whole kit, so in theory my sled should be a "Rasmussen approved back country sled", I look forward to the lower seat the most at this point. Now I just pray for snow!

  2. For their 2013 ProClimb model Arctic Cat chose to lower the rear suspesion to alow for more clearance for the deeper lug 2.6" Power Claw track. While this further destroys the track attack angle it is still advantageous because the 2.6" track really does a bettter job of getting on top of the snow. Useing the rear arm bracket we designed for the 2012 model you can still mount the skid rearward by 20mm. This by itself is not a substantial improvement, but will tend to offset the track attack angle lost when the skid was moved out of the tunnel.