Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I have to say that the new Boondcker XM turbo rips. I have been out with Rocky for a week or so doing some final tuning on the new turbo kit for the Summit XM. This thing is awesome! I know few of you have these kits on order and are waiting for delivery. Be patient, it IS worth waiting for. We have three XM's turboed and on the snow, riding them daily. Eight pounds of boost on 91 octane with no sign of detonation, instant power with a flip of the throttle. Very manageable power, part throttle operation all day long, on and off throttle in technical riding situations. Yes, I will be keeping this one! Should be shipping very soon.

Running up to 12 pounds of boost with race fuel, but I am finding I need more weight in the clutch arms. I'll get this done right away and report back. The newly developed side exit exhaust is quiet and has a very unique tone. It sounds real grunty, but not too loud. The electronics adjust the boost according to elevation therefore no need to be constantly adjusting clutch weights because of power differences at varying elevations. Very manageable power, easy to ride in technical situations, nice package.


  1. Bret, would explain how you have your handlebars setup and also what rear skid you are running on the XM? Thanks

  2. Brett, how did you move your steering post forward? Is there a kit or can a person just rework it?

  3. What elevation are you riding at to be able to use 92. I currently have mine set at 8lbs running 50/50 Av and 92 non ethanol at 3K-6K elevation. Has a burble on throttle stabs.
    Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Brand new kit.