Thursday, August 29, 2013

Coming Out Of Hibernation

Don't know about you all, but I've had a busy summer, mostly doing summer stuff. Somebody said it is time for Hay Days again...wait, it seems I was just there! And I will be headed out again next week for the official start of winter. Wouldn't miss it for the world!

Got one more crop of hay to bale before it snows! And I hope it comes deep 'cause the irrigation water is a bit slim around here. The mountain in the background is known as Pine Hill, great place to take my Summit X for a blast.
Besides farming and taking care of things around the place I spent some time with the family. Went to Zions with the Venturing Crew from our Boy Scout Troop. At any rate I had a great summer.
So now it is time to get back into the sledding zone and that's exactly what I intend to do.
My new Summits will be arriving next month. Tune in here to watch me convert them over to Rasmussen Style rides! Not a lot of changes necessary, Ski-Doo does a great job with their mountain program. I will be making a few tweaks here and there based on what I learned last year in an effort to make them more of a deep snow, never see any trail, boondocking through the trees like you never saw before, super back country sleds! Ski-Doo is serious about their mountain sled program and they have a keen interest in what I am doing to personalize my sleds.
Going to be a super time preparing the Ride Rasmussen Style fleet for the winter. All of my sponsors will have a part in helping me with making a better back country sled. Wasatch Recreational Products, Renton Coil Spring, Arctic FX, Starting Line Products, RSI, Boondocker, Skinzs, C3, Snowpulse, FXR.
It's going to be a great winter, I can feel it in my bones. See you all at Hay Days and stay tuned for lots of good information coming soon.
Thanks to all of my great sponsor support, Trails West, Bully Dog, EVS, Mountain Valley Machine, Visual Assault Designs



  1. Glad to see your back got a new Summit X on the way looking forward to it and a Trip to your clinic again this year!

  2. Who would you recommend to work on a fuel injection issue in southern idaho?